Nordic Fashion Library

After CPHFW we’re full of inspiration and eager to fill our mind with everything the fashion scene has to offer us.

As we have the time to relax, why not get to know some of the Nordic fashion influencers’ thoughts on fashion and the world around it. Together with one of our lovely readers, we collected a Nordic Fashion Library for you to enjoy. Have a look at our recommendations on Nordic fashion books – which one is your favorite?




Kirsi Niinimäki: Sustainable fashion (2013)
Published by Aalto University and co-written by 12 operators in the fashion and art industry, this interesting read presents thoughts on sustainable fashion and experimental design, as well as outlines the circular economy by case examples. We’re happy to tell you that the English version can be read for free online over HERE. For a deeper dive on the latter topic, Kirsi published “Sustainable fashion in a circular economy” in November last year, opening up the new and emerging issue, trying to change our linear way of thinking towards circularity.



Milla Muurimäki: Style Traveller (2017)
The Finnish fashion-journalist and stylist Milla Muurimäki have together with Kuvittaja-magazines chief-editor Minna Ainoas illustrations put together the engaging book Style Traveller. For the visual person, this book is amazing due to the illustrations that decorate the spreads and gives the publication a lovely personal touch as well as enhances the artistic vibe of fashion. The idea of the book is to teach fashion and it’s history by looking at fashion as an art form rather than via the aspect of consumption, which Milla succeeds in admirably. The book is perfect for adults as well as youngsters interested in fashion.




Dorothea Gundtoft: Fashion Scandinavia (2013)

Dorothea, the renovned fashionstylist whos curated London Fashion Week in 2013 and been seen in several international fashion publications, presents over 50 nordic designers in her stylish book Fashion Scandinavia. This book contains interviews of the most iconic Scandinavian designers, revealing their thoughts on fashion as well as their sustainable and ethical production methods. This appealing release makes an very interesting read for fashion lovers.



Pernille Teisbaek: Dress Scandinavian (2017)
The Danish fashion industry stylist Pernille Teisbaek shares professional tips on how to create that effortlessly cool and minimalistic Scandinavian wardrobe in her book Dress Scandinavian. With this informative style-bible you can’t dress wrong when wanting to renew your wardrobe into something more current – even when trying out the boldest pattern mixes, Pernilles know how will help anyone out maintaining that minimalistic but bold scandi-look.




Martina Bonnier: Martinas Modevärld (2014)
One of the fashioneditor, influencer and author Martina Bonniers most compelling books is Martinas Modevärld, a inspirational style guide for lovers of fashion and it’s history. This style guide filled with engaging knowledge is still the go to guide for a fashionable passionistas.



Images courtesy of Laura Iikkanen.

Model: Mirka K/ Modelpoint

MUA: Mira Luhtala

Photographer: Laura Iikkanen

Clothes: Samuji

Location: Helsinki University Library

Content authors: Marjoannika and Mira


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