Mikkeller and Femmes Régionales Launch Running Collection

Running, fashion and beer. It’s not an obvious combination, but it forms the basis of Danish agency Femmes Régionales’ latest project, as they team up with Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Copenhagen microbrewery Mikkeller. Four years ago, Bjergsø realised he wasn’t doing enough exercise, so he and his friend Søren Runge made a plan. They would start a running club that could motivate them to keep going. Unsurprisingly, that involved beer.


Mikkeller Femmes Regionales running


The Mikkeller Running Club, offering free pints to its members, has grown so fast it now has chapters from New York to Sydney. In 2017, Bjergsø and Runge created a new club, the Hechmann Mikkeller Racing Club, now a leading team in Danish athletics. It was creating merchandise for this club, Bjergsø says, that inspired him to team up with Femmes Régionales.

“We were never completely satisfied with the clothes we received,” he explains, “and we needed something unique to set our runners apart.” Spending, he says, about half his day in running clothes at the office, Bjergsø wanted to create something that was both easy to run in and comfortable to wear around town. Having cooperated with Femmes Régionales in 2010, he knew they could provide him with what he wanted. “Femmes Régionales have an offbeat approach,” he explains, “and that suited us well.”


Mikkeller Femmes Regionales running

Mikkeller Femmes Regionales running


Femmes Régionales, whose clients include Copenhagen Airport, say they were excited about the proposal. “Mikkel makes decisions from his heart,” says their creative director Caroline Hansen. “Our industry doesn’t always design clothes for the people who actually wear them, but we hope that ‘Final Gravity’ will change that. We want people to look sharp, but not necessarily like they’ve just walked out of a fitness video.” The collection’s name ‘Final Gravity’ comes from brewing, meaning: “The measured specific gravity once fermentation has completed”. As well as having a root in brewing, each word has their own meaning – Final: finishing – closing – concluding, and gravity: pressure – force – weight.


“Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward (or gravitate towards) one another, including planets, stars and galaxies”.


The formula of Newton’s Theory of Gravity is used as a graphic detail (FGM1M2R2) across the whole collection, and all of styles in Final Gravity’s collection are inspired by the Periodic Table in their names.

Their first collection, ‘The Bluest Shade of Black’, is what Bjergsø calls “a boiled down runner’s wardrobe” and launches this Thursday, 24th January, with seventeen unisex styles and is available only online.

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