Cruelty-Free, Vegan Beauty to Try This Veganuary

As the New Year kicks off, we are all on a hype to take the best possible care of our bodies and minds. Starting with taking up new habits and routines, some of you are perhaps embarking on a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle. To help guide all you Veganuary partakers towards more compassionate skincare and makeup, we’ve created a list of some our favourite Nordic cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands.

While the likes of Ole Henriksen or Björk & Berries are certainly in your bathroom cabinet already, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper. So here’s our top brands to to look out for this Veganuary…

cruelty-free makeup veganuary

Globe Hope Organic Beauty

An organic skincare brand based in Rovaniemi, Finland; Globe Hope is a strong contestant to start with. Packaged beautifully in white with gold elements, the products are certified to be made with treasured Finnish ingredients, such as rich seed oils and plant extracts. Boosted with vitamins and nothing else, Globe Hope keeps parabens at bay. All of their cosmetics are created in an ethical process that aims to do no harm to the environment. As many as five products from the range, including the Multivitamin Serum (€67) above, contain no animal ingredients at all.


cruelty-free makeup veganuary


Bad Norwegian

A bold proposition for men, who like to feed their skin with the good stuff only. Bad Norwegian fully embraces plant power by being both vegan and cruelty-free. The brand was co-founded by an ex-soldier, who needed skincare that could still deliver results in difficult conditions. Their range is packed with premium ingredients to regenerate and protect your skin from irritation. All animal testing at Bad Norwegian is bypassed by using friends and curious customers for initial feedback. Try the Moisturize Face moistouriser (€69) for extra smooth skin in any weather.


cruelty-free makeup veganuary



Another skincare company born in Finland, Lumene prioritises using natural formulas for the best possible results. Nordic ingredients, which make up at least 80% of Lumene products, are sourced sustainably – together with spring water from Lapland, they help make anyone’s beauty routine as pure as possible. The skincare range is divided into collections, catering to different skin types and needs: deep hydration, radiance, detox etc. Their purifying peat mask (€24.90) clarifies your skin, leaving it feeling supple and re-energized. All Lumene skincare and makeup products are cruelty-free, and their entire skincare range is also 100% vegan and can we please mention the gorgeous packaging?

cruelty-free makeup veganuary


Miild Makeup

Finally, a makeup brand for sensitive skin gals that are tired of chemical-packed products causing allergic reactions and basically doing the opposite of what’s desired. With their own history of makeup-induced allergies, the Danish founders of Miild put organic ingredients first. It’s an eco brand, which a bit like Glossier aims to bring out what’s best about your skin while taking good care of it too! Their ingredients lists are kept short and sweet, and none of the Miild products test on animals.

Are you going to try Veganuary this year? What are your favourite cruelty-free/vegan skincare brands?

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