Transparent Sound Are Back with Their New Upcrafted Collection

The response to Transparent Sound’s first speaker in 2012 was ecstatic. It was so well received that its Swedish founders, Per Brickstad and Martin Willers, could afford to take a few years off to work on new designs. Now, those designs are complete, and have transformed themselves into several new products. A white ‘Small Transparent Speaker’ is available to pre-order, and Transparent Sound have pioneered a new limited edition collection, ‘Upcrafted’, in which they have got together with local craftspeople.

Curiosity, say Transparent Sound’s founders, to question what technology brings to people’s lives, is the company’s driving force. They got together just a year before their first speaker was released with the specific aim of showing consumers an alternative to over-complicated products.


“With ‘Upcrafted’, we are trying to find out if an advanced technological object can also be a beautifully designed object. We think there is something truly exciting about allowing various components to transform into new formats, ‘up-cycling’ the original idea.”


Transparent Sound Speakers Upcrafted


The ‘Upcrafted’ collection is made up of ten versions of three ‘up-cycled’ speakers: one wood, one ceramic and the other steel. All of Transparent Sound’s products aim to be as repairable as possible so that, they explain, “they can age with dignity and be passed on to the next generation.” The materials used are modular and few components are discarded in the manufacturing process. But this is not to say the speakers are not sophisticated. Every speaker includes a Bluetooth function and can also be upgraded to include voice disorder and multi-room systems. It is an impressive blend of contemporary technological and traditional Scandinavian functionalism. Per and Martin describe themselves as “craft nerds with an almost unhealthy attention to detail.”

When Transparent Sound started out back in 2012, they were called People People. Despite the name change, Per and Martin insist that name reflects their true mission, creating emotions and forcing people to cooperate with nature, though the ‘Transparent’ of their new name reminds people of their drive to achieve accountability and sustainability in business. It also reflects their desire to work together. To create the ‘Upcrafted’ collection Per and Martin worked with Dry Studios and Jonas Majors in Stockholm, and Hortense Montarnal in Lyon. A reflection both of their international outlook and their determination to track down the very best craftspeople around.


Transparent Sound Speakers Upcrafted


The speakers are stunning and will make the perfect addition to any music lover’s home. They are available to buy online right away, and would be perfect to your enjoy any new musical purchases on this holiday season. Why not treat yourself?

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