Ørgreen are Bringing Ski Goggles Back

Goggles are everything when it comes to ski wear, and Danish eyewear brand Ørgreen Optics have nailed it with their Tamok Snow Goggles. The high-end brand has evidently taken note that practicality and fashion have gone hand in hand with life on the slopes since the post-war skiing boom began.


TAMOK ski goggles by Ørgreen


The TAMOK goggles are definitely one of this season’s best accessory to get your hands on! They are named after Norway’s pristine Tamok Valley, an adventure lover’s paradise near the Arctic Circle. Each pair of goggles comes complete with three different ‘out there’ lens colours for to change between, and equip you for all kinds of winter conditions, from comfortably cold to ferocious and unforgiving.

Ørgreen Optics are proud to be the first Danish brand to introduce a true technical unisex goggle, impeccably crafted from premium materials. They are designed with the brand’s signature cool sophistication, fusing functionality with mega minimalism and these innovative goggles are packed with technical prowess.


TAMOK ski goggles by Ørgreen


The must-have frames are produced in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material which stays flexible at even very low temperatures, and come with a triple-layer moisture wicking face foam, which gives you a super snug fit for handling high attitude extremes. To add to that, the dual anti-fog coated lenses with 100% UV (UVA & UVB) protection and a silicone lined strap for a secure helmet fit. With all of these features, you will have a trusty companion for tackling the steepest slopes, and will still look as stylish as ever! What more could you want?!


TAMOK ski goggles by Ørgreen


The ski goggles market is huge and the days off ill-fitting eyewear, misted up lenses and unsightly imprints on your face is long gone, and the TAMOK goggles prove that fashion and practicality can work together. So, this winter season, embrace the snow and you too can look tres chic for any pre, during and apres-ski occasion.

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