Niki Newd is Bringing a Finnish Skincare Revolution to Your Door

I first came across Niki Newd while I was in Helsinki a few months ago. I was attending a party at Ivana Helsinki’s STUNNING new showroom in September, and began chatting to Kasperiina about the brand. Now, i’m not one for new beauty products and the latest skincare trends; my beauty regime is minimal and almost non-existent, considering my skin isn’t the best after years of bad acne as a teenager. But all it took was 15 minutes with Kasperiina and a quick test of the products she had to show me, and I was hooked.


Niki Newd Finnish Organic Skincare


After a conversation on a brisk morning in Helsinki, Niki Newd was born. Out of the want for all-natural, honest and sustainable beauty products, that tailor to your individual needs ‘Skin Care Cocktailing’ was born – my favourite kind of cocktail making! Depending on the time of year, the climate you live in and the type of skin you have, your skin’s needs change, and Kirsi (Niki Newd’s co-founder) knew that skincare was not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing.

What you apply to your skin should be with the same value as what you put in your body – products should be fresh and nutritious, and of the highest quality, as you don’t want to pollute your skin, in the same way you don’t want to pollute your body. Taking this very simple idea and applying it to skincare, has produced a skincare brand that makes their products on a monthly basis so that they are the freshest, and can tailor the ingredients to suit your needs. What’s another great thing about Niki Newd? Your products are delivered straight to your door every month! Yay!


“We decided to focus on our product development having a wide variety of nutrients in our products, applying them to the skin in the most natural and authentic form possible.” – Kirsi, Niki Newd Co-Founder


Niki Newd Finnish Organic Skincare


Wanting to use only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients has led Kirsi on a quest to find the best food-grade ingredients from across the world. For example, the olive oil used in their products is extra virgin, cold pressed, fairtrade, organic, food-grade quality oil from a small farm in Italy. And it is this attention to detail when making their products that has me completely sold, because I only want the best for my skin, and knowing exactly where everything comes from and that it is good for me, makes me sleep better at night.

As well as scouring the world for the finest ingredients, 50% of the ingredients in all of Niki Newd products are sourced close to home from locations across Scandinavia, providing an interesting array or ingredients that are unique and have a very small environmental impact. The products’ packaging is also environmentally friendly, with all elements being recyclable – my favourite piece of packaging is the oatmeal travel soap case which is made from all-natural wooden biomaterials and is 100% biodegradable. Niki Newd is good for your skin and the environment!


“This is why our products are not artificially processed to have a long shelf life – just like freshly pressed orange juice, we believe the nutrients in our products are at their very best when as fresh as possible.”


Niki Newd Finnish Organic Skincare


For my own personal routine, I use the Oatmeal Soap, Skin Glow and Skin Velvet every morning – A trio of products that I have found has smoothed my skin, reduced how oily it is, and makes me feel fresh and ready to tackle the harsh and ever-changing weather we have in Reykjavík during the winter. The products are easy to apply, make my skin feel good and leave me with the knowledge that I am only putting the best ingredients on my skin, which when you have problem skin, is very important.

Was I skeptical about trying new beauty products with huge promises? Yes. Have I been converted? Yes. Niki Newd really is all it says it is and more, and I could not recommend them more. Whether you are looking for a complete skincare regime overall, or a product to tackle a specific problem, Niki Newd has it all. If you’re unsure about exactly what is best for you, they have also put together a handy guide to help!


Niki Newd Finnish Organic Skincare


You can shop all of their products online and have the delivered straight to your door each month!

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