Moons & Junes: Copenhagen’s Lingerie Brand For Every Body

Launched in early 2016 by Agnete Bjerre-Madsen, Moons & Junes was born out of what most women feel, but none express. There’s a pinch of irony in how uncomfortable ‘feel-good’ lingerie often is, and yet we still bear the consequences. The vision of Moons & Junes was to create intimates that truly fuse minimalism with modern elegance and comfort.


Moons & Junes Lingerie for Every Body


“No Underwire, No Padding, No Bullshit” has been the brand’s revolutionary statement from the very beginning, recognising heavily padded push-up bras as a somewhat augmented reality. Moons & Junes strives to embrace the body and enhance natural features, with soft bras catering to all shapes and sizes.

Designed with a Danish flair for simplicity, the emphasis is on using the softest forms and fabrics possible. No unnecessary seams that pinch the skin, no itchy lace, hard cups and corset-like constructions. Agnete’s mindset allowed lingerie to also be just underwear – sexy, but painless. Those who live in their sporty Calvin Klein sets should appreciate the ever so slightly more polished look of their everyday undergarments.


Moons & Junes Lingerie for Every Body


Instead of hiring standard models, Moons & Junes proudly present their pieces on diverse bodies: thinner and plump, with pearly stretch marks, tattoos, wrinkled-up skin and natural imperfections. Shot in both urban and homely settings, the unretouched campaigns are the gist of what this unique brand is trying to achieve. Most Moons & Junes pieces are made from delicate microfibre, while the mesh panels make them subtly revealing. They’re available in a variety of fits and earthy colours to compliment different skin tones.


Moons & Junes Lingerie for Every Body


With Moons & Junes, finding the perfect fit for your one-of-a-kind shape won’t be an issue anymore, it’s that kind of lingerie both your body and mind will be thanking you for. You can buy their beautiful underwear online and we would love to know what your favourite set is!

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