Discover the Future of Hair Washing with Hairstory

The traditional way to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner is now old news. Hairstory recently introduced a new way to wash your hair, and it doesn’t involve shampoo or conditioner. Yes, that’s right – no shampoo or conditioner. The Future of hair wash is here, ladies and gentlemen!


Hairstory New Wash


New Wash is a unique “hair cleanser” that washes, conditions and repairs your hair at the same time. With its’ rich and natural blend of essential oils, New Wash really nourishes and cleans your hair without stripping it down. Because of its’ unique blend of natural oils, it also detangles your hair in the shower and most importantly (at least for me), makes your color last longer and look shinier. Oh, and one more thing…if you suffer from irritated and dry scalp then new wash will be your best friend, as it has been formulated specially for sensitive skin!

Sounds like something you need? Watch the video below to see how it works… 



New Wash is available to purchase online and 1% of the profits from every purchase go to non-profit, water-focused organisations vetted by 1% For The Planet. Do good for your hair and the world!

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