Talking Design, Legacy and the Future of Fashion with Marimekko in CPH

Last Thursday we were invited to a Creative Talk at Marimekko’s flagship store in Copenhagen. The topics of the evening were design, legacy and future living with Mette Barfod and Nina Bruun, and we were very excited to get our creative brains engaged! On arrival we were welcomed by big smiles, mulled wine and delightful pastries, and had a chance to wonder round the store before the talk began…


Marimekko Creative Talk Copenhagen


Erick, the store manager, told us about how this was the first event of many to come, and how important it is to discuss current affairs relating to fashion so that we can engage in debate and always look to improve the industry and its’ practices. As a brand, Marimekko wants to take part in developing a culture around fashion and identity, and encourage people to debate and come up with new and exciting ideas across disciplines. 

It was a full house, and people were excited to hear the panel discussion, which was lead by Theresa Maurin, Marimekko’s Marketing Manager. The panel discussed how fashion brands can influence people’s lifestyle, and in what way brands should be responsible and conscious about the way they affect consumer culture. Theresa mentioned the dilemma a brand faces in deciding where to place itself, in terms of being adaptable to the ever changing industry. She mentioned the ever moving equilibrium between the demand for fast fashion and cheap prices, and the demand for the industry to take a more sustainable direction, which does not lend itself to los costs. Mette and Nina both agreed that focusing on quality and timeless design was the only way to move forward, and that they were hopeful that the future of fashion would evolve towards increasingly sustainable solutions. 

In order to survive in this “new era of speed” as Theresa called it, besides being more sustainable, Nina also emphasized the importance of highlighting the story of a brand. In her opinion, it is crucial to find your unique niche, and to stick to it confidently. She also talked about the importance of an online presence and making your identity visible so people are aware of your brand and thus contributing to longevity.


Marimekko Creative Talk CopenhagenPhotos courtesy of: Patriksson Communication


Another topic was on how fashion can take part in breaking up stereotypes, for example how colors should not be divided into genders and differing proportions and silhouettes should be available for everyone. Nina pointed out, that in order for this to happen, people would have to open their minds towards all genders experimenting with shape and colors, and wearing garments that provoke the traditional typecasts. The panel agreed that there was still a long way to go before everyone could be free from gender stereotypes in their personal style, but we were all optimistic and excited about what the future would hold.

It was a very inspiring evening, and I was left feeling hopeful for the future of the industry, and its’ role in developing and building ideas in local communities. Fashion has such a huge influence on people’s lifestyle, and it is so important that brands act responsibly and realize what potential changes they can set in motion. It was great to listen to the panel encourage debate and put forward promising ideas, and thank you so much to Marimekko for having us!


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