Interview: Naja Lauf Talks About Comfort, Quality and 2019

Copenhagen-based Naja Lauf is a fashion designer with an eye for quality, comfort and modern appeal. Having designed her own collections since 2000, Naja has had time develop her style and understand what her customers want. I sat down with her to discuss her FW18 collection, what’s coming in 2019, and the importance of knowing what you want.


Naja Lauf AW18 Interview


“High heels are essential to make my collection party ready.”


What 3 words would you use to describe your brand’s identity?

Comfort, Elegance, Modern.

Your FW18 collection contains a beautiful mix of pattern, color and proportions. What does the Naja Lauf woman want to show the world?

She wants to look modern, delicate, sympathetic and strong.

What does comfort mean to you?

It is the most important quality in a piece of clothing for me – to ensure that, I choose natural materials, with stretch and softness.


Naja Lauf AW18 Interview


“I want women to have fun and play with the collection and create their own looks.”


What’s your favourite party look from the AW18 collection?

I would put on the leopard pencil skirt – I have a weakness for pencil skirts as I find them so elegant, cool and sexy – or a pair of wide pants, and put them together with a classic shirt or a silk blouse. High heels are essential to make my collection party ready. I like it when you can buy items for your wardrobe that you can wear both day and night, depending on how you style the pieces and your choice of shoes. The fashion is in the attitude in which the clothes are worn, and my clothes give women a lot of space to express themselves.

For Pre-Spring 2019, you have created a mesmerising, warm snake print that adorns a range of times – Where did the inspiration for the collection and this print come from?

I loved it when I saw snake print being used on the international designer catwalks, and also always follow my own desires, so when I saw this print at a supplier of mine, I fell in love. This version is made of cool and calm colours, that give the print a little more edge against the orange, and of course the fabric is soft and comfortable.

Who is your modern and timeless muse?

I could mention quite a few as my radar is always on, but i’ll cut it down to three for you: Sofia Coppola, Lucinda Chambers and Maya Wyh.


Naja Lauf AW18 Interview


When designing new pieces, what is the most rewarding material to work with?

I do not have one particular favorite, but I like working with high quality, clean materials that absorb colors well.

What is your vision going into SS19?

That women will feel refreshed, energetic, cool and strong by wearing my designs, through the choice of colors and prints. I want women to have fun and play with the collection and create their own looks.

What is the most important thing you want people to take away from this interview about your brand?

I want women to be curious about my collections, I want them to try on the clothes and explore and feel them for themselves.


Naja Lauf AW18 Interview

Naja Lauf AW18 Interview


Naja Lauf’s FW18 collection is available to buy now!

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