Iceland Airwaves 2018: Ones to Watch – Part 2

Still needing some recommendations for this year’s Iceland Airwaves? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Part Two of our ‘Ones to Watch’ series…

Magnús Jóhann – Friday 21:20 @ Bryggjan Brugghús

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Magnús Jóhann - Pronto

Magnús Jóhann is an icelandic composer, based in Reykjavík. He combines ambient & minimalist electronica with modern classical music in a way that just seems to hang in the air and create such an unanimity in the room. His debut album Pronto is a magical listen, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


SiGRÚN – Friday 19:10 @ Harpa Flói

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Hringsjá - Live Performance by SiGRÚN

SiGRUN aka Sigrún Jónsdóttir, has already made quite a name for herself touring with Björk, Sigur Ros and Florence And The Machine, but now it is her turn to turn heads. Having released her ‘Hringsjá EP’ back in 2016, and more recently her debut album ‘Onælan’, there’s no predicting the way the music will twist and turn around her ever-stunning vocal performances. A refreshingly original artist and one not to miss!


Surma – Friday 01:20 @ Hard Rock Café

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Surma - Massai

Surma is the project of Débora Umbelino, a multi instrumentalist from Leiria, Portugal. I love the unique melting pot of instrumentation and influence in her music, combined with the soft tones of her voice. The live performances i’ve seen are akin to spinning 20 plates at once, and she barely breaks a sweat, she’ll love Reykjavík in November.


Tamino – Thursday 00:10 @ IÐNÓ

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Tamino - Habibi

Belgium’s Tamino aka Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad, wears his influences on his sleeve, but that’s just what’s so very good about him. Half Egyptian, half Belgian, this fusion is where the music really enriches itself and carves out a seductive path of it’s own. Bittersweet arrangements wrap themselves around his vocals for a truly spellbinding performance.


Two Toucans – Saturday 22:30 @ Hressó

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Two Toucans - Guilty Pleasure

Kristrún Lárusdóttir’s vocals dance perfectly over some of the smoothest grooves and latest snares i’ve ever had the pleasure to witness from producer Helgi Pétur Lárusson, aka Fonetik Simbol. Their last record ‘Shame EP’ was released in 2015, so i’m very excited to hear what they’ll be bringing to Iceland Airwaves this year.


Vök – Friday 22:20 @ Harpa – Flói

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - Vök - Night & Day

Fusing dream pop & indie-electronica, Iceland’s Vök bring with them a depth of sound that only ever seems to get even richer with each release. The production is perfect, as huge walls of synths & driving beats appear to undulate together around the soaring vocals. Also, the visual aesthetic is everything it should be and more.


ZAAR – Thursday 23:20 @ Gaukurinn

Iceland Airwaves 2018 - ZAAR - Holding Your Hand

Just a little reminder here that the above example is live. Turn it up. Those drums. THOSE drums. That voice. Those synths. Absolutely incredible. ZAAR, hailing from Aarhus, Denmark are comprised of Sara Flindt, Bjarke Amdrup and Jonathan Ludvigsen. Their debut EP ‘Lost My Sense Of Humour’ is due out in 2019, and they’ve already released a single ‘For A While’, but with a live show like that, don’t even think about waiting around.


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