HAY and Sonos Create the Perfect Speaker

Sonos and HAY have teamed up to reimagine the Sonos One speaker in five beautifully bright colours. It’s an exciting limited edition collection, celebrating the brands’ shared values of accessible design, innovative manufacturing techniques, and a belief in the transformative power of products in the home.


“It’s one of the best cross-team collaborations I’ve ever done,” says Michael Leon, Creative Director at Sonos “we started with really open-ended ideas. In the end, the right answer was perhaps the simplest, cleanest one – and that’s what we’re launching next week.”


HAY Sonos One Speaker Collaboration


Mette Hay, CEO at HAY, was put in charge of sourcing appropriate colours. “When we first spoke to Sonos we discussed doing a pattern on the speakers,” she explains, “but HAY isn’t just one pattern or one colour – it’s a lot more than that.” Designed to slot effortlessly into trendy interiors, each speaker had to suit the style of each room in a house. “The yellow was designed to fit in with the stainless steel and porcelain of kitchens and bathrooms,” says Mette, “while a bold red should sit well among most people’s furniture.”


HAY Sonos One Speaker Collaboration


The red speaker was also designed to suit HAY’s ‘New Order 2.0’ shelf from Stefan Diez, their latest product from a previous collaboration. Collaborations are HAY’s way of working, and a sharing of ideas is essential to their success. They’re now a pillar of Danish design.


“The design of Sonos One is exactly how we’d do a speaker, so it was a perfect match for us design wise,” says Rolf Hay, Creative director and Co-founder of HAY


HAY Sonos One Speaker Collaboration

HAY Sonos One Speaker Collaboration


Sonos’ story is very different to that of HAY’s. They sprang up with original technology in the heart of Silicon Valley at a time when people were only just moving away from tape players. HAY was founded in 2002 with the idea of creating contemporary furniture for modern living that would harmonise a space, and be neither wasteful, nor excessive. The fact they were founded around the same time, started from scratch, and were seeking to provide functionality and simplicity to their industries, however, meant the brands’ partnership hit the ground running. This collection is a product of the vitality, optimism and energy of both brands.


“I believe each object has its own set of colours; they can harmonise with a space or create contrast for a stronger impact,” says Mette Hay, Creative director and Co-founder of HAY


The speakers are available to buy on the Sonos website and from HAY stores worldwide.

All photos and video courtesy of HAY and Sonos

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