The Black Edition – TID Watches Latest Design is Beautifully Dark

All over, matte black. Black on black. Soft leather. What more could you want? TID watches have done it again. They have made a watch that is not only simple and elegant, but functional and COMPLETELY lust-worthy in all the right ways. But, you’re going to have to act fast, because the No.1 36 Black Edition is a limited edition piece, and is selling very, very fast.


TID Watches No.1 36 Black


The iconic branding and functionality is all still there, with the added advantage that black will NEVER go out of style, and goes with EVERYTHING. If you hadn’t guessed already, I am in love with this watch and need it to live on my wrist forever. Pretty please? The No.1 series was born 5 years ago, and has become a foundation for all of the other watches that TID have created. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship; the watch face comes in a diameter of 36mm, perfect for both men and women. And like all of their other watches, the strap is interchangeable, so on those days when you’re not feeling so dark, you can change it up to suit your mood. Perfect.


“The all over black features are a celebration to what’s simple, yet refined.”

says Ola E. Bernestål, founder and Creative Director at TID Watches


TID Watches No.1 36 Black


Although a lot of people choose to be more ‘fun’ with their watches – transparent parts, 20 million dials, planet tracker, 100 colours etc. – and use them as a way to show of their personality (and wealth), TID decided that they wanted to stick to what was important – telling the time and good-looking design. The Black Edition ticks all of those boxes. That’s not to say that this watch is not fun and reflective of your personality; if anything, it is a conversation starter for the world of fine, Scandinavian design and impeccable taste. Like an Italian sports car or the finest French wine, the No.1 Black Edition is here to stay, and will only get better with age. You heard it here first.


TID Watches No.1 36 Black


The No.1 36 Black Edition is now available to buy online and at selected physical retailers for 1995SEK / €225 / $250