Superwood Festival 2018

  Superwood festival is back!

We met up with Pirjo Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki to discuss the fashion brands’ unique and much appreciated festival Superwood. It was held for the first time last year and gained lots of positive attention due to the festivals broad program and mysterious and cosy Twin Peaks – like vibe.

This year Superwood festival is back with a even more interdisciplinary program and edgy academic speeches. What’s going to be new from last year is the more visible role of fashion at the festival, as Ivana Helsinki is celebrating their 20th anniversary. The festival is going to be opened with a festive fashion show, make sure not to miss it!

Looking back to one year ago, how was it to organize the event, and how did the idea evolve?

“Because Ivana Helsinki foremost is a lifestyle brand, we stared to discuss what the thing would be to enhance it – and what better way to fully embrace Ivana Helsinki as a lifestyle brand to create a festival? Organizing a festival you’ll put together a ensemble that touches every part of a persons everyday life – cuisine, music, art, academic speeches – and all this in a calm, peaceful surrounding to get away to.”

The idea with Superwood festival is, that you can stay in your home all autumn without be affected by FOMO – only visit Superwood festival and get swept away with the fully packed program that stimulate every inch of your consciousness and all your senses, and you’ll be all good for the rest of the autumn.

The festival will fill your mind curiosity, your thoughts with wonder, expose you to new things, make you feel like you are somewhat in a wonderland where you go from an magical wooden tour with visually stunning and musically indulging experience, to suddenly finding yourself stepping in to a hidden secret bar, to taking part of a academic speak, to all at once enjoying a new, curious vegan dish.

“The interesting thing about Superwood is that it isn’t as a festival categorized by any specific music genre, there will be indie, rap artists, up and coming soulful singers, as well as old favorites. It is important to be exposed to something new, and to learn new things, and this is what Superwood will have you experience.”

Which is your favorite part of the festival?

“I have to say that my favorite part of the festival is the academic speeches. People in Finland are highly educated and really have the advantage that everyone has equal opportunities to educate themselves. We have high level researchers, but they get a bit on the side of peoples knowledge. I think it’s important to bring them where people hang, because for me it is so important to have discussions based on facts and to be aware of what is been researched and studied in our own country.”

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Images courtesy of Tero KIiski and David Jacob.