ILLUM Goes Underground

For over 120 years ILLUM’s place as one of Denmark’s leading department stores has remained unquestioned. Founded in 1891 by industrialist Anton Carl Illum, ILLUM filled a gap in Copenhagen’s luxury goods market. In 1938 ownership passed to Anton’s son, Svend, responsible for construction of a new casemate façade in 1972.


illum underground


But despite the building’s recognisable exterior and spacious interior, ILLUM is this weekend preparing to go underground. Built in their basement, ‘ILLUM UNDERGROUND’ will become the store’s food market. Nordic Noodle, merging Asian and Nordic cuisines will be among the options, along with Joe & The Juice, My Poké and Yo Burger. Holms Bager and The Bagel Co. will lead bakery options, while Johan Bülow’s high quality liquorice and S.V. Michelsen‘s Chokolade (opening later this month) will cater for a sweet tooth. ILLUM will also install a 650m2 Irma supermarket, complete with delicatessen and a comprehensive wine selection.


illum underground


Despite a recent change in ownership, ILLUM remains well loved by Danes and visitors alike, with a comprehensive collection of high-end fashion and design. But even with development of their rooftop area, which now includes a bar, restaurant and café, ILLUM’s food provision has been relatively low. ‘ILLUM UNDERGROUND’ should fill this gap effortlessly.

Head down to ILLUM in Copenhagen this weekend (7th – 9th September) the be one of the first to experience the new underground food space and enjoy some true Danish treats.

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