Habitare 2018 – Finland’s Interior Design Extravaganza

Habitare is the top interior design and decor event in Finland, bursting with inspiration and seducing visitors with visually stunning experiences and creative ideas in every direction. The fair represents mainly Finnish designers and brands, and looks to showcase up and coming talent as well as the established. Guests are invited to test their tastes, creativity, ideas and the spaces in their homes and workplaces.

After an inspiring time at Habitare, we have picked our top five exhibitors (it was a very hard choice, trust us) for your delight!


Kaarnia Design

Habitare 2018

Habitare 2018

Images courtesy of Kaarnia design


Kaarnia design exhibited harmonious and elegant paintings, which invited the viewer to wrap themselves in a soft and cosy atmosphere. The artwork formed a calm oasis among the buzz at the fair. Creating her work from home, Karoliina Peltokorpis’ customers are welcome to just give her a call and visit her for a chat about what they would wish to decorate their walls with. Personal and beautiful, Karoliina’s paintings are truly pieces of art.


Anna Ruohonen

Habitare 2018

Habitare 2018

Images courtesy of Mira Luhtala


Finnish and Paris-based designer Anna Ruohonen designs luxury fashion with a philosophy based on sustainability. All of her design is created on demand only (except her locally made ready-to-wear collection) to ensure there’s no surplus fabric or garments – which is one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry.

Ruohonen’s intentional, timeless simplicity, skilled craftsmanship and forward thinking gained her the Kaj Franck 2017 design prize. The prestigious price is given to designers whos company reflects Kaj Franck’s work ethos: high-quality, democratic and functional design, creating new solutions and opportunities when it comes to practical challenges and making the company stand out among the world of designers. Ruohonen is a very deserved winner!


Studio Lasifaasi

Habitare 2018

Image courtesy of Sophia Groves


Both a scientist and a designer, Laura Aalto-Setälä examines the traditions of glass art from an original point of view, working at the borders of art, science and design. Laura’s design are fresh, minimal and functional, but still very new and a welcome sight in the world of lighting design.

“Pendant lamp Nosto was inspired by an idea of hoisting liquid glass like boats from the water; I wanted to create a feeling of molten glass being lifted. The weight of the glass is held by sailing ropes, which minimizes the cold work needed for the glass.”



Habitare 2018

Image courtesy of Marimekko


Marimekko’s stand at Habitare was a lovely world of earthy colors and details, accentuating a longing for nature and simplicity. Their signature print ‘Unikko’ was strongly present, adding that extra bit of nostalgia but with a modern twist. Cosy and contemporary, Marimekko is a cornerstone of Finnish design and it was really inspiring to see how the feel and colours of their textiles influenced the space they were in.



Habitare 2018

Habitare 2018

Images courtesy of Asun


The warm colors and soft textures on the Asun stand were remarkable and refreshing, taking on Scandinavian design in a fresh and inviting way. The colours were unconventional in Finnish design terms, but beautifully appropriate to add warmth and depth to the minimal shapes of the furniture and room.

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