FRENN⎮Art inspired AW18 collection

Bringing a fresh breeze to this Fall, FRENN treats it’s customers to a rare collaboration with award winning Finnish artist Stig Baumgartner. Giving their collection a contemporary touch the print from Baumgartners artwork “Light comes through” is seen in FRENNs everyday classics.

As art and architecture always have been cornerstones in the inspiration to FRENNS collections, the collaboration with Baumgartner in the AW18 selection makes it even more distinct.

Emotion and intellect driven artist Baumgartner combines geometrical constructivism and abstract expressionism, creating a state of that moment when something is just about to take place or when something has just happen. Both FRENN and the artist have a strong story to tell, which makes the collaboration interesting and complementing. FRENNS AW18 collection brings out intense color contrasts and captivating prints, giving just that perfect little out-of-the-ordinary-touch. This collection is that moment when men’s classics is just about to take a leap to the more contemporary.

Images courtesy of FRENN


FRENNs AW18 collection will be available the 13th of September, make sure to grab your piece at, or visit their Flagshipstore.