Ben Me Over – A Lina Hagström film

We met up with the Finnish up and coming director and filmmaker, Lina Hagström, to talk about her latest film, Ben Me Over. The short film revolves around themes as friendship and dating in New York and will make its world premiere this fall on Canal U in Mexico. The Hispanic network is operated Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world based  a major participant in the international entertainment business.

Taking place in Brooklyn, NYC, “Ben Me Over” follows the story of Emilia and Cesar, two best friends who explore and enjoy their lives in New York City. Meeting up for drinks and sharing stories about their dates Emilia and Cesar face a peculiar coincidence. Although New York is a central theme of the film, Hagström believes that viewers from all corners of the world can relate to the narrative in the movie as dating is such a universal topic and something most people have different kinds of experiences of.

“The film is about friendship, the differences between gay and straight dating, and how to navigate in those two worlds. The idea about Ben Me Over evolved when I was talking to my Colombian friend, Andrés Bayona (co-writer and producer of the film) about gay and straight dating and something we both could agree on was that the dating culture in New York is very different from where we come from. Dating several people for example was a very strange concept to me and it took a while to get used to it.

The production achieves an interesting intimacy between the characters, who openly share their thoughts on navigating the dating scene in a fast-paced city like New York. “In New York, people are always busy with work, meeting friends, business related events etc and that leaves little time to dating, which makes it a little challenging. And although it is a city of more than eight million people, one can feel very lonely amidst the crowds”.

Can’t wait to see Ben Me Over – share your dating experiences with us!

See the movie at Canal U on TV and cable.

Ben Me Over is written by Lina Hagström and Andrés Bayona, stars Montana Robertson, Caleb Schaaf and (the finnish actor!) Zacharias Wulff, and was produced by Pia Kempe and Andrés Bayona.

Images courtesy of Lina Hagström.