Becksöndergaard X Gine Margrethe

After a seemingly endless summer, a new fashion season has finally arrived on the Nordic horizon. Autumn 2018 promises to bring with it a batch of fresh and fun ideas, in form of a collaboration between Becksöndergaard and Norwegian influencer, Gine Margrethe.


Becksöndergaard Gine Margrethe collaboration


This season, Danish fashion accessory brand, Becksöndergaard is launching a special design collaboration with the TV presenter and Scandinavian influencer. Creating a stylish mini collection of four textured bags and six printed scarves, all designed with some of her favourite memories in mind. For Becksöndergaard, it was a simple decision to work with Gine Margrethe, as she has a strong profile and a profound entrepreneurial spirit, which matches the company’s strong passion for entrepreneurship.


Becksöndergaard Gine Margrethe collaboration


“This is my first design collaboration. It is an honour for me to work with Becksöndergaard and create my own guest collection with my fondest memories as a theme for the accessories.”


Becksöndergaard Gine Margrethe collaboration


All the beautifully designed accessories have a meaningful purpose for Gine, including a printed silk scarf adorned with a very artistically styled café.


“This is what I do best! I love sitting down at a café, ordering sweet treats and just look at people passing by. I have a thing for pastries and good coffee and to let my thoughts wander is just smashing. The café in question is called Weinercafe, it is my favourite spot in Stockholm.”


Becksöndergaard Gine Margrethe collaboration


Or perhaps the adorable, cute pugs, are more your style, which work perfectly for the animal print frenzy that is engulfing this season.


”I love animals and these two boys made my day in Copenhagen. They were so lovely. Sometimes animals almost make a greater impression than people do.”


We love the fun and personality involved in this collection, and commend and can’t wait to get our hands on it in October when it will be released in store and online!

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