Mood Board: Sea Breeze

Smell the sea. Feel the breeze. Hear the ocean.

“Remember when we still could swim in the sea – before it got filled with waste? We made road trips to all the beaches we could spot on the map, you always lightened up like a child when we first felt the sea breeze, and barely waited for the car to stop before jumping into the waves. They where still blue back then, not filled with colorful plastics like nowdays. I’ll always remember that – the fresh sea breeze just before we arrived to the beach.”

moodboard sea breeze nordic style magazine


Photos from: adventurousjade, nonparell, annamaria_secretwarderobe, hallaxhalla, kelsrfloyd notanotherwomanmag,  lumi_kelsrfloydolaizolav, jessiekoivunen, umitko

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