CPHFW SS19 – Top 5

Fashion week is over, and we saw some amazing creations! But some collections had that extra touch and caught our eyes. Here we have our Top 5 favorites from Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19!


Hoffman Copenhagen did not disappoint. It was full of colour, prints, and interesting details. Their SS19 collection was full of brave print mixing and layering. Hoffman Copenhagen served up everything from plain stripes to flowers to tiger stripes. What made it even more interesting was all the quirky accessories, which gave the feminine looks a more edgy feel. This collection was risky, but it worked out perfectly. Not one dull moment!

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Résumé’s SS19 was by far the most fun one. A big mix of colourful and fun pieces. Résumés personality consists of classic elements mixed with edgy key items, which they really proved in this collection. What makes this designer stand out is that they dare to play with colours, prints and shapes. It’s a simplicity with a touch of femme fatale and bold colours!



Cecile Bahnsen, what an impressive collection! Every single dress is a piece of art. Her attention to detail is amazing, you can look at her garments forever and never get tired of it. Most of her pieces are handcrafted, and her colour pallet is so good – white with rose, lime and yellow borders. These colours make it easy on the eye and romantic.  What makes this collection special is that it has a vintage feel but she has made it more commercial, which makes it easier to wear.

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Martin Asbjørn really hit the spot between formal and casual in his SS19 collection. It takes us back to the eighties, and Asbjørn proves his talent in craftsmanship and details. It is stylish tailoring mixed with relaxed pieces, so it´s easy to bring from the catwalk to everyday life. He blurs the lines between high fashion pieces and sportswear, which makes this collection so loveable.

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Stine Goya is known for its playful universe and colourful print patterns. And her SS19 collection proved nothing less. It is feminine silhouettes mixed with bold and colourful injections. Something that you don’t get to see very often in the Scandinavian fashion scene. She combined playful hats with sparkling dresses and strong colours, only Goya can do this. What’s not to love!

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