A Bricolage of Style from Normann and Tivoli

Tivoli is a new and contemporary collection from Normann Copenhagen. There are more than 300 design objects within lighting, tableware, textiles, home accessories and scent concepts. “We have worked with Tivoli’s four pillars, Amusements, Dining, Culture and Gardens, and designed products inspired by each pillar. Tivoli has so many facets,“ says Vibe Høst, Normann’s PR & Communications Manager.


normann cph tivoli nsm

normann cph tivoli nsm


“The Tivoli Gardens have a very special meaning to many Danes, and especially Copenhageners,“ says Vibe. “The historic park is located in the middle of the city, right next to the central station, which is quite unique for an amusement park. Celebrating its 175-year anniversary this year, Tivoli is an integrated part of Copenhagen and with its many distinctive elements – like the imposing main entrance, the Pantomime theatre and the peacocks walking around freely – it has gained an iconic status.”

Unique atmosphere

Vibe says Tivoli approached Normann Copenhagen with the suggestion of a small product collaboration that was to be sold in a new store opening inside the park. “Normann Copenhagen’s founders actually turned down this proposal but saw a bigger potential and pitched the idea of making an extensive high-quality design collection.” Bringing together Tivoli’s unique atmosphere and Normann Copenhagen’s design expertise, would make for a very strong collection, and both parties jumped at the ideas.


“After an intense year of development, the Tivoli design brand is here – making it possible to bring home a little piece of that special Tivoli feeling.“


normann cph tivoli nsm


More than 300 objects

The comprehensive design collection includes more than 300 objects within lighting, textiles, tableware, perfume, figurines and home accessories. There’s a lot of pieces in the collection, however, they each interprets Tivoli in a different way. In some of the designs, the references to the park are obvious, like the tale figures that depict iconic characters from the park, while in others it is much more subtle. The tea towels, for example, with simple stripes reminiscent of the trousers worn by the Tivoli youth guard. Or this elegant series of tableware working with a pattern of lines and dots – a combination you’ll see in many places in the park.

You will also find edgy statement pieces, like the striped funfair vases and the sculptural Divan watering can in polished brass or steel, gorgeous bubbly glass vases and soft woolen plaids in mouthwatering ice cream colors. “The scent concept is something new for us to work with and has been an interesting process. The scents of Tivoli are an important factor in the experience of the park and thus it was only natural for us to think along those lines when creating the product range.” The scents, which are used in soaps, creams, candles and diffusers, were developed with a perfumery in France, and then manufactured in Denmark.


normann cph tivoli nsm

normann cph tivoli nsm


Four pillars

Normann has worked with Tivoli’s four pillars – Amusements, Dining, Culture and Gardens, and designed products inspired by each pillar. “Tivoli has so many facets. It is like an unlimited source of inspiration where you keep finding new details. The Tivoli collection is not just a collection, it is a new design brand and needs to manifest itself as such, with a variety of products.”

Design concepts such as repetition, layers, transparency, and movement have been applied to create the collection, where shapes, prints, and colors create a common DNA across the entire product group. A varied selection of materials, from shiny metals through to warm wood varieties, soft textiles, and timeless porcelain, reflects the depth of this wide-ranging collection.


normann cph tivoli nsm

normann cph tivoli nsm



Vibe says visiting Tivoli, you’ll experience a bricolage of styles. “We tried to capture this versatility as it is a part of what makes Tivoli unique, while at the same time giving the designs an overall clean and contemporary look. Shapes and colors are repeated across the collection to create coherence.“ While the Tivoli collection has its own mode of expression, Normann Copenhagen’s design DNA still shows in the collection. You’ll recognize it in the contemporary, friendly silhouettes, the attention to detail and the overall playful feel.


“We are experiencing a great interest in both Danish Culture and Danish design, so bringing the two together in a new brand will hopefully be well received.”



The collection will be available to buy in Autumn 2018, so keep your eyes peeled!


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