Luxury Products to Give Your Bathroom Life

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, if not the most important one! When it comes to decorating the bathroom, to achieve that relaxing yet luxurious feel, we often think that we need to buy the most expensive items, but you don’t! The truth is you can still get the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank, by adding aesthetically pleasing products to elevate your bathroom to the next level.

A scented candle is mandatory in every “luxurious” bathroom and this one from Byredo is just perfect. The minimal yet expensive-feeling packaging will look beautiful in every bathroom, no matter what your decor looks like which is a huge plus! Apart from the aesthetics, Byredo is known for their wide range of scents, which makes it easier for you to find your favorite one to take home.


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If you’re looking for an all natural hand wash that’s actually good for your hands and looks fancy on your bathroom sink, look no further! This all-natural hand wash from Bondi Wash is rich with the finest essential oils, anti-bacterial Australian bush oil and soothes and smoothes with its natural moisturisers – dry hands are not cute! This wash is also available in 4 different scents to suit every home.

bathroom products nordic style mag

 Available at Bondi Wash


Say hello to your new favorite toothpaste. Have you ever seen a toothpaste this luxurious looking? Didn’t think so! This toothpaste from Aesop is as good ( if not better) than your regular toothpaste but 100 times more aesthetically pleasing for the eye and for your bathroom decor! Its’ mint green color makes it easy for you to add a pop of color to your bathroom without going crazy, and without breaking the bank.

bathroom products nordic style mag

Available at Aesop 


If you look good but don’t smell good, then whats the point of looking good? Same goes for your bathroom. You/your guests need to smell the luxury you have created in your bathroom not only see it, that is the ultimate goal. Fragrance sticks are perfect for creating that luxurious feel, without you actually making any effort at all, apart from picking a great scent.

bathroom products nordic style mag


Available at Rituals


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