Everybody is talking about Danish fashion these days, and Storm & Marie will help you understand why (as if you didn’t know already). With it’s Scandinavian simplicity and cute name, it’s hard not to fall in love with this brand. Not up to speed? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

STORM & MARIE was established in Copenhagen in 2010 by Signe Elisabeth Vedel and Kim Vedel Hansen, who both have a solid background in the fashion industry. The danish brand is the result of a shared vision of the two, who are a couple both professionally and privately. 

Storm & Marie

The brand is named after the couples twins, STORM & MARIE, and is synonymous with their contrast –  The core values of the brand’s design being identity and expression. Storm represents the energetic and untamed, while Marie is delicate and elegant, a perfect juxtaposition. 

The philosophy behind the brand is that while every collection forms a concept, each piece can still be worn separately, and effortlessly mixed in different ways to create individual style. Clean Scandinavian minimalism is combined with appealing prints and textures, in hight quality fabrics and with the perfect fit. 

Signe, who is the designer behind the brand, claims that each collection is a new beginning. It’s an exciting project with a story of it’s own. It all starts with her love and fascination for fabrics from all over the world, which she gathers and studies, allowing colorrs and prints to take shape. The later, often inspired by natural scenery.


”Nature never disappoints! Spectacular shapes and incredible colour schemes. For me, that’s an endless source of inspiration.” – Signe Elisabeth Vedel


Throughout the history of STORM & MARIE, Signe has designed several classic silhouettes that have become known as the brand’s signature shapes. In addition, she works with designs that reflect the zeitgeist so that each collection is new and inspiring for STORM & MARIE’s many customers across the world. The spirit and trends of the time are captured through a curiosity of people and their ways of life.


“I love to observe people; the way they express personality, life style and sense of belonging through their choice of clothing.”


STORM & MARIE is a very precious and personal project for Signe, and it is paramount for her to be able to vouch for every design, fabric and detail.


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