Playfulness and Idiosyncrasies with Jamie Looks

Jamie Looks is a new Danish eyewear brand which was launched last May. “Designed in-house, our international creative team develops eyewear with a keen eye towards the latest movements, yet always rooted in sharp, classic shapes.“ says co-founder Mads Peter Langhorn.

“About 9 months ago we came together around Jamie Looks because we were fundamentally amazed at how hard it still is to find great eyewear that doesn’t cost the same as a new smartphone,“ says Mads Peter Langhorn, one of Jamie Looks’ founders.


“The last half-decade a movement has been forming, especially in the US and increasingly also in Europe, to create quality alternatives to… well overpriced junk, frankly speaking. As part of that movement, we aspire to someday lead it with a fresh and honest approach. On a broader note, I think it is fair to say that we are fundamentally motivated to create great things, and doing so out of Copenhagen with eyes towards the world.“


jamie looks danish eyewear nordic style mag

jamie looks danish eyewear nordic style mag


Quality material

Mads Peter says the crew has backgrounds in creatives, tech, and business, all gathered around Jamie Looks.

“We have created a product that we are all proud of and by circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, carefully sourcing quality materials, and engaging with customers directly, we can offer great eyewear, at a great price and with personal service. We launched in May and it is very exciting how positively customers have taken to our product. We are passionate about getting people to know about us, and apart from the constant improvements on our website, creatives and customer service we are now working on creating a universe where people can meet us in different physical spaces and at events.“

The latest movements

Mads Peter says the crew behind Jamie Looks is Copenhageners proudly rooted in a heritage of effortless and functional design. “Yet we are not limited to its traditional minimalist expression. We take inspiration from the world around us, past and present. Designed in-house, our international creative team develops eyewear with a keen eye towards the latest movements, yet always rooted in sharp, classic shapes. Hence the playfulness and idiosyncrasies coming through in our launch collection of sunglasses.“


jamie looks danish eyewear nordic style mag


You can find blue and even pink sunglasses from Jamie looks. “Color is a great way to to highlight, enhance or set a mood. We’re keenly tuned in to this and use it to underline the storytelling in our visual material. As a brand,we therefore aim to embrace color and love to express ourselves this way creatively.“

Jamie Looks launched online in May with a website and free shipping worldwide. “We are really happy to see interest from people around the globe and being able to cater for this is great. That said, our focus and major activities here in the beginning are centered around the Danish market and our neighbouring countries.“


jamie looks danish eyewear nordic style mag


Events and pop-up stores

Asked about the goal for the future, Mads Peter says that in short they want to be leaders in the industry. Positive leaders.

“Product always comes first, high quality, a desirable design will always be the first step. After that, we are working hard on succeeding with the online experience, and with eyewear, this requires outstanding features to enhance customer experience. Short term we are working hard to introduce innovative features around e.g. a new virtual try-on technology, home-try-on and live video chat. Long-term we firmly believe that the best customer experience is not created exclusively online or offline, rather with a mix of both. In time the ambition is to operate own physical stores and being able to merge it with a strong online presence, creating a hassle free and inspiring universe. In fact, we are already available with a pop-up presence in the center of Copenhagen and we are planning on being physically present with events and pop-up stores during the summer and fall.“

Sound like a brand that you want to get involved with? We think so, and can’t wait to see what Jamie Looks has coming over the next few months!


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