Gladmat which in English means ‘Happy Food’, is a vibrant food festival held in the heart of Stavanger, Norway every year in the middle of summer.

It attracts over 250,000 guests and is held over four days. Stavanger is said to be one of the leading cities in Norway for gastronomy which explains the choice of location. The festival holds focus not only on Norwegian cuisine but also international recipes and inspirations.

However, although Gladmat is a food festival there is so much more going on – which includes music and entertainment.

Not only is it a great opportunity to try some new and interesting recipes, but it is the perfect time to enjoy some of the gorgeous Norwegian scenery. Check out the video below, which was created by Dutch DJ Robert Feelgood at the festival last year!


We catch up with DJ Robert Feelgood to hear his experiences at the festival and what drew him to Stavanger.

What initially drew you to the city of Stavanger?
My Nordic adventure started when I was invited by Tom Boye, resident of Stavanger’s biggest nightclub. We knew each other from the time Tom was still living in Amsterdam and we both played all the big venues and festivals in the Netherlands. We were also signed to the same artist agency.  Years later we decided to release some music together and we instantly had two top 10 house tracks on Beatport, the biggest digital dance portal. That’s when I started to travel to Stavanger more often. Also, Tom was invited to play a warm-up set for Tiesto’s tour in Stavanger and played with me last Saturday at a sold out Escape Venue (biggest club in Amsterdam).

What was your involvement with the festival Gladmat?
I had to play lots of gigs and got to perform with saxophone player Peter Beim from Denmark and MYXE. (MYXE’s ‘Breaking All the Rules’ now has 6,5 million plays on Spotify). We were also invited by chef Roy Klaus to perform during a cooking event with the best chefs from Norway, which also ended up in an insane musical food party with Peter playing saxophone on the chef’s table.

It seems like you have met a lot of diverse and interesting people since you began travelling to and from Stavanger, tell us about that.
Besides Tom I also got to know lots of other people from Stavanger. Morten Gonzales was the head programming & marketing at Hall Toll and a crazy guy with great ideas. He invited the biggest names to Hall Toll, including Chuckie, Nicky Romero (both from Holland) and Snoop Dog. After his Hall Toll adventure he opened his own bar: Brorreman, which became the best cocktail bar in Stavanger and resulted in a second venue called Cocktailfabrikken. We’re planning another bar-takeover. Bartenders from Amsterdam will come to Stavanger and the guys from Brorreman will travel to Amsterdam.

This year Robert is celebrating 20 years as a professional DJ/producer, be sure to check out some of his work and if you’re in the Stavanger region in July – Gladmat will be held between July 18-July 21 2018. You can buy tickets by clicking on the link here and clicking on ‘billeter’ which is Norwegian for tickets!


Featured image from: Expedia