Treat yourself | Organic skincare from Finland

Days are getting longer and as the harsh winter-winds turn into warm and gentle breezes, the hope of spring has woken within us all. As protective clothing are stripped of, remember to be gentle to that delicate skin of yours and treat yourself with organic products.

Here are our favorite organic skincare products from Finland:

Mia Höytö Cosmetics is a eco-certified skincare line designed and manufactured in Finland. These nurturing products are developed for skin facing the harsh Finnish (or overall Nordic) climate and the products are based on powerful Scandinavian ingredients, as well as carefully selected ingredients from certified organic farms.

Mia Höytös luxurious products come with elegant packaging and are known for their wonderful names. And what more – Mia Höytö webshop has free worldwide shipping!

Kaunis (= beautiful): this clear gel cleanser surprises with it’s efficiency: it cleanses skin thoroughly – even removes the stickiest makeup efficiently (no panda eyes!), but doesn’t leave the skin the slightest dry thanks to the aloe vera ingredient. The gel cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated, it’s plentiful with a appealing fresh sent.

Lempeä Uni (= gentle dream): a light serum that’ll quickly absorb into the skin and enchant you with its delicate scent (note for sensitive noses: the scent fades as the product is absorbed). The serum is enriched with Vitamins A, B, C and E to boost elasticity and brightens the skin. The product will instantly make skin feel a little plumped and make even the driest skin moist.

Ihana (= lovely): a fuller moisturizing cream enriched with shea butter. It leaves your skin looking mattified and moisturized, and even if it takes a bit of working into the skin, I would even recommend this product under makeup during the cold winters as it absorbs really quickly and feels light.


Packed with natures rich and healing ingredients the high quality products of Flow Cosmetics contains the perfect formula for Scandinavian skin. Through the whole line you’ll find lingonberry, arctic raspberry, blueberry and wild heather which all – with their calming, skin strengthening and antioxidant effects, works wonders on skin that is exposed to harsh climate and temperature changes.

Seabuckthorn & Lingonberry Facial Oil Serum: This serum with it’s lovely calming sent is excellent for delicate and thin northern skin due to the serums skin- and capillary strengthening abilities. Filled with antioxidants from lingonberry this product brightens, minimizes redness, and gives your skin a lovely elastic feel.

Bilberry & Rosehip Facial Oil Serum: While we may not be fans of the the law of retaliation, when it comes to skincare this might just do it. This oil serum is full of Laplands curing berries and balancing fatty acids. It’s a perfect match for oily and combination skin due to it’s naturally antiseptic, cleansing and soothing abilities. The oil serum will immediately calm redness, and as it stimulates collagen production your skin will be left feeling soft and plump. Fun fact is that the bilberry extract actually bleaches the skin just a bit and combined with the antioxidants of rosehip extract it will under use soften the appearance of scars.

Flow Cosmetics mineral makeup are rich in pigment and have a nice fresh glow to them, the makeup in the pictures was fully created using Flow Cosmetics mineral powder foundation, blush and bronzer.


Your skin “eats” during the day and whatever you put on it will absorb directly into your blood system. Instead of feeding your skin with silicons, plastics, acne contributors  etc. we’d like you to treat yourself with kindness and choose organic makeup.

E.g. Flow Cosmetics manufacture ecocertified mineral makeup by hand and blend the pigment and the powder carefully to every batch in a little factory in Hyvinkää. The shades are based on coloranalysis and come in a selection of four cold and four warm shades and has a range from very pale to medium. In addition to their mineral powder foundations you’ll find bronzers and blushes which also come in cool and warm toned shades.



Photographer: Pasi Järvenpää
Model: Hulda, Brand Management
Makeup: Mira
Products: Flow Cosmetics,  Mia Höytö 
Products information: Sugar PR

Images courtesy of Pasi Järvenpää