Swedish Watchmakers T.I.D Go Smaller for Spring

Today, T.I.D’s new incarnation of their No.1 watch is out and i’m excited. Not because it is something outrageous and different, but because it is a sensible and well-needed, inclusive option. The watch is being launched in a new smaller 33m size watch face, creating a watch size for everyone. The No.1 watch now comes in 3 sizes – 33mm, 36mm and 40mm – creating endless possibilities for everyone, no matter their style.


tid watches no1 33 3


Customers has been requesting a smaller size watch, so Form Us With Love (the design studio behind T.I.D) listened, and created the 33mm diameter watch face. Being able to choose the size of my watch is something I think a lot of watchmakers do not think about during the design process. Watches are not a one size fits all kind of product, as everyone differs in wrist and hand size, personal taste and style. I have looked at many watches and been put off by how larger watches engulf my wrist and tiny watches make my hands look huge. Finding a happy medium is surprisingly difficult in today’s world of oversized everything ‘bigger is better’, so T.I.D’s module based timepieces are a breath of fresh air. Not only am I able to choose the size of the watch, but I can also choose the colour of the watch’s casing and the colour/material of the strap. Revolutionary, right?


‘The new watch is giving us the opportunity to truly offer a watch for everyone, highlighting the fact that our full range of watches and wristbands is making it possible to create over 300 different combinations. The watches have a built-in durability since they may be used as a companion year after year, just being easily updated with new wristbands.”

Ola E. Bernestål, CEO of TID Watches.


tid watches no1 33 2


Being made from stainless steel, means the watch stands the test of time, and provides a sleek and modern finish. The team at From Us With Love only keep the most essential components needed for the watch to perform its’ timekeeping task, which makes a product that is no fuss and something you can’t say no to. The watch tells the time in analogue form, has no loud branding on the face – only the beautifully subtle signature logo stamped into the wristband – it makes no sounds, shows no notifications, doesn’t support gifs and won’t allow you to call anyone. Believe it or not, sometimes I just want a product that does one thing, and that’s why I have so much time for T.I.D. Pun intended.


tid watches no1 33


The No.1 33 is available to buy now in a range of colours – TIDwatches.com


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