Announcement: Nordic Style Magazine in Print

This note was written by Nordic Style Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief.

Dear readers,

It is with great pleasure that I today can announce that our online magazine now exists in the real world.

We have worked intently since 2012, giving you daily updates from our Nordic countries. Our online endeavor and your undying support have taken us to a world-leading position in the industry, being the only international, independent magazine with a solid, expert focus on Nordic fashion, art, culture, and design. It is through distribution agreements with Barnes&Noble in the U.S. that we were able to expand our platform to print.

It was important to us that the first issue resulted in an honest depiction of our Nordic societies and talents. Therefore, we scoured the web to find the best photographers, stylists, and people to help us out and it resulted in a 228-page-magazine packed with inspiring and unique interviews, art pieces, fashion editorials, poetry and thoughtful texts.

Find out more and where to buy Nordic Style Magazine in print here!

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/ Jonas Eriksson, Editor-in-Chief

Cover story by photographer Kári Sverris.