Tretorn: The New Eco Frontiers

What if we could grow our rain jacket from plants and let consumers compost it when it’s worn out? That sounds like a brilliant idea to us!

Tretorn is a Swedish brand passionate about outdoors and nature, founded in 1891 and born out of the Scandinavian weather. Famous for their high-quality boot and rainwear, they now have a new important mission: look upon the future and slowly eliminating the concept of waste. Creating sustainable innovation interacting with the nature around us and transform 50% of their rainwear into Eco Essentials before 2020.

We love their new Fall Winter-18 collection of Eco Essential outwear and we all wish to have, at least, one piece in our wardrobe. One of our favorites from the collection is the SPHERE Jacket; minimalistic and timeless like most of the Tretorn design. Now bend your ear to this: The Tretorn SPHERE Jacket is made out of an Eco Essentials fabric, called Ocean Shell, a two-layer fabric made from recycled polyester with membranes made from recycled ocean waste. How can’t we like this?

To make it even more real, Tretorn, Swedish photographer Olle Nordell, and his team joined the Antarctica 202o expedition with the new Eco Essentials Arch Jacket. The theme for the trip is the unknown as Tretorn had never tested any gear this far south, but we can easily guess it was a success. Olle Nordell traveled from South Georgia to Antarctica and his breath has been taken away very often in front of stunning, white, and cold landscapes. We all know how great it is going on adventures and exploring new places and we wish to be surrounded by king penguins, fur seals, elephant seals, and petrels at some point in our lives. Nordell confirms that the shell he was wearing during his expedition felt “so in place”, the Antarctic journey proved that the next frontier is about sustainability. Wherever we live, we should collaborate as human and make conscious, right decisions so that we don’t affect the environment and the seas.


Photo By: Olle Nordell