Probably Martin Asbjørn’s Best Collection Yet
– Copenhagen Fashion Week AW18

Dear Martin Asbjørn,

This is my love letter to you, Martin Asbjørn. My letter of appraisal, sent in complete and utter awe. Because, wow! The collection you presented during this season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week was all I needed. It was the first time I found everything, let me say that word again – E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G – aesthetically appealing, cleverly designed and impeccably styled. The collection was cohesive enough to be a collection but contrasting enough to be interesting. Street enough to be “relevant”, creative enough to be artsy and new. The styling was incredibly smart, truly showing that these pieces are right in time. It’s sporty and functional, yet edgy and forward. It has the perfect amount of prints, stretching from some more “extra” and retro to other more classic, such as checkered pants and simple stripes.

I want this collection. All of it. I wouldn’t have to worry at all what to wear, any day of the week or to any type of event. I tried deciding which of the looks were my favorites, to make some sort of Top 3 List but it was impossible. Copenhagen Fashion Week, you can stop now and return next season. We’re done.

Kind regards,
Jonas Eriksson

Here are the runway looks from Martin Asbjørn’s AW18 collection:

Martin Asbjorn Martin Asbjørn martin asbjørn


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