AÉRYNE – Swedish Simplicity Meets Parisian Femininity

AÉRYNE is the new Swedish-French brand that has taken the fashion world by storm since the launch of the first collection two years ago. The collections are created by women for women (their staff currently consists exclusively of women and the staff is called “Girl Crew” where collaboration goes before hierarchies. How AWESOME?!). The inspiration comes from the feminine Parisian women with a twist of Scandinavian edge and easy-to-wear garments. The result is limitless and colorful clothing created for expressive women with their own personal style.

Since its inception in a small Parisian apartment back in 2015, the brand has become famous for a number of colorful collections, and most specifically the nowadays iconic lemon pattern.

Founder and CEO Siri Wikman from Borås, who started her career as a stylist at Nelly.com, had the opportunity to both develop and design the in-house brand Nellytrend. But soon she felt a desire to create a collection for women, by women, inspired by the strong feminine style. This gave birth to the idea of AÉRYNE and the brand was first presented in Siri’s apartment in Paris 2015.

The inspiration behind the SS18 collection is true relaxation in the hot sunshine of San Sebastian, Spain. The garments in the collection are blooming with large floral patterns in clear colors. “We mix our flowers with stripes in red and navy for a perfect live combination,” says Olivia Ahre, Creative Director at AÉRYNE.


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