STAND AW18: Stand Out Through Color

Founded by Nellie Kamras, STAND is a brand which today can deliver a mix of cool french vibes and Scandinavian simplicity. A mix which stands out as Stand. With leather as a foundation for the brand, today’s show was as classy as it was trendy. An AW18 collection based on the aspiration to deliver staple pieces that can and will stay resilient for years to come.

The show’s conclusions, dare I say it, was everything I hoped it would be. All of our expectations were fulfilled in the sense that there was something for everyone to love and to wear. For the first time ever Stand showed a women’s and menswear collection – the two departments didn’t differ that much from each other, which isn’t a bad thing might I add. There’s nothing there to stop a man from wearing the women’s collection and vice versa, which to me that feels right in this time and is a beautiful idea. It was an independent collection and one that promoted individuality; I believe that an older woman, a trendy teenager, and a daring child could all find themselves wearing the collection. I can imagine myself wearing that patent coat with pink shearling today, and I can imagine my grandchild in it 60 years from now.

The show was filled with color; we advise choosing carefully, but we ensure your choice will not be a bad one. The styling was on point, the makeup was right and the crowd was excited. The materials were interesting both when combined and in their own right. I can’t wait until I see someone walking down the street in one of Stand’s jackets, because I know it will make me stop and turn around just to catch another glimpse.


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