Lazoschmidl – A Party Lover Who Found God But Forgot About Him Just as Fast

The made-to-order brand Lazoschmidl, by Swedish/German Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl, presented their AW18 collection at Grand hotel during the second day of Fashion Week in Stockholm. The show took place in the venue Bolinderska to the sound of great music by the iconic Tommie X.

Since Lazoschimdl is a made-to-order brand, they, unlike their fellow designers, have the ability to bring a much needed creative and artistic spirit to the fashion week but also to the industry. They design for a guy who likes to party and have fun. Their aesthetic is inspired by 90’s Leonardo Dicaprio and boybands.

There was a lot of great pieces in the collection, we particularly liked the velvet onesies with the bedazzled words ANGEL and BROKEN written on them (could it be their contribution to “bring juicy back”?).  The humor between the Christianity references in form of thorns and cross prints, and the sexiness in the see-through fabrics, unbuttoned shirts, and pant lacking looks is just AH-MAZING.

Lazoschmidl is not known for cohesiveness. The color pallet covers the entire rainbow and the garments vary from rough leather and denim to soft sheer fabrics and faux fur. We also saw a lot of cool details such as rainbows, snake prints, florals, flames, zippers and bedazzled seams.

Lazoschmidl AW18

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