Ida Sjöstedt AW18: Like a Night Sky Full of Stars

Ida Sjöstedt’s creations are always a favorite on the red carpet. But this season, the usually dreamy dresses were not the high point of the collection. A gray and glittery two piece set, with Givenchy inspired stars decorated around the neckline was probably my favorite look this year, mostly because it felt very contemporary considering the streetwear influences that are currently taking over the entire fashion industry.

Glitter indeed was a recurring element throughout the collection, and could be found on hoodies and one-pieces that gave the otherwise feminine and soft collection, a sporty and comfy contrast. And of course, it wouldn’t be Ida Sjöstedt without some dreamy princess creations in sheer fabrics with floral decorations, even though this year they didn’t feel quite as sweet as they usually do.

The collection featured a lot of black, but also lighter shades in grey, white and champagne. We could see denim, chiffons and glittery fabrics with fringing, lace, faux fur and star details. Overall the dark shades, the stars and glitter made the collection feel like a star studded night sky.

Ida Sjöstedt A/W18


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