Ida Klamborn AW18 – Self-Obsession

Ida Klamborn manages to do what I think fashion should always do – create discussion, awareness and stand for something more than just being a spoke in the wheel of consumption. This AW18 season is no exception.

Ida has ever since she first entered the Swedish fashion scene, been a powerful spokesperson for the female agenda. Her original, genuine design and creative thinking is often a starting point when discussing the female expression and the demands put on it.

This season, she created her own all-girl, all-glammed, and all-power dressed-up universe. The show was a dark, red velvet-draped walk through five different rooms offering something new in each of them. We got to witness the artist Arvida Byström in a private mirror session with herself, next to Lovisa Lager in a mid-selfie-marathon. We found Ofelia Jarl Ortega in the second room, lost in her own flowy movements, performing as much for herself as for the audience. In the third room, we were distanced from the Klamborn girls by a see-through drape, marking the need for personal space… and reflection?

The collection is characterized by popping colors of pink, red and blues. Metallic blazers and strong glittery eye makeup give you a vibe of Bon Jovi and 80’s rock. The girls are dressed for themselves and exude the confidence of someone who wholeheartedly owns their own choices. For example, the see-through, all sparkling, flounce dresses, which offer a neat, nude look or the tight, black skirt with a hole in the back showing off that gorgeous ass. It has Ida Klamborn and her women of empowerment written all over it.

This season, I would say, Ida is playing with the notion of the self-gaze. The intimate observing and managing of the self. This notion is in many debates referring to a negative process that includes girls putting themselves down. But not when Ida does it. It is clear that the self-observing is done in appreciation. As it should be for all girls. It is not to be mistaken for a superficial self-obsessing social media age, but more a commentary on how all women today should appreciate and value themselves. I love how she is commenting on this supposedly negative behavior and turns it around with a positive spin. It is also a matter of need and importance regarding personal space. Respecting and valuing oneself enough to set boundaries and invest in some quality time with yourself.

It should be an obvious state of mind for every woman but sometimes we all need a little reminder. Thanks, Ida!


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Photo credit: Fashion Week Stockholm