There is ‘HOPE’ for AW18: Think Inside and Outside the Box

Stop for a while. Take one deep, deep breath. Now continue reading. This, I want you to do because of the behavior I find myself guilty of having. Fashion Week goes by like a blur and I do not reflect. Instead, I scroll through it almost as if it passes it by on my phone screen while I’m sitting on the subway.

Three days have passed and for the last and final show, I will take my own advice. Taking one deep breath.

HOPE showed a collection which had its high points and lows. But before we talk about the clothes I want to look beyond tangibility. Not very far but as far as looking at the ones wearing them. Hope played with the no-gender movement. There were girls walking in what you traditionally would call menswear and there were girls walking in both women and menswear. A discussion to be continued which is also what the brand chose to do with their size labeling. Just as they have done the previous season all clothes were both sized in women and in men’s sizing, which I can only applaud. The veil was another beautiful thing which was seen on the runway. The model, Linda, is one of very few walking fashion week with her veil but she shines brightly out there. Diversity is key to create a brighter future in fashion and Hope knows it and shows it.

If we focus on the actual clothes that came down the runway, you could see some individual pieces standing out. There were some beautiful suit jackets with great tailoring and in beautiful colors, often with a focus on the shoulders. Another focal point was the layering and different material combinations, creating something interesting for the eye. A favorite was the silver polo and the belts.

Even though these are all positive things I ask myself one thing – am I surprised? Do I long for the autumn? Did I fall in love? No, no and no. This is not something I can demand of course. I still think it was a great collection. But did Hope play it too safe? That is what I am asking.

Designer: Frida Bard
Stylist: Naomi Itkes


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