The Future of Swedish Fashion: BECKMANS CONQUERS

The feeling buzzing in the air is something one can’t quite describe when stepping into the room of the first show at Fashion Week in Stockholm. The feeling in the air when you know that you are going to see a sneak peek of the future of fashion is even more indescribable, if possible. 

“We are showing eleven collaborative fashion visions for the future” was the promise.

The students of the fashion program at Beckmans had the honor of starting this season’s fashion week in Stockholm. An honor that they are, without a doubt, worthy of. This becomes clear as soon as the first model steps out on the runway. The boundary of the fashion week is yet to be set by their students, they challenge them and maybe even break them. The only concrete thing to keep a hold on during this show was the inspiration for each designer. The eleven students all took their inspiration from Swedish accessory designing brands; ATP Atelier, Anna Karin Karlsson, Baron, Handskmakaren, Horisake and Märta Mattsson.

The result was breathtaking, literally. No time to relax for the eye. Every student maximized their time to impress the audience, which resulted in an amazing bag of candy filled with impressions and daring pieces. We saw complicated bikinis, we saw beautifully painted fabrics, extravagant sunglasses and… swim fins, to only name a few. 

To pick a favorite is to pick an opinion I would dare to say. To pick which direction the future of Swedish fashion is going. It is, therefore, not enough to present this as a bunch of AW18 collections. Present it as a hypothesis of what is to come from eleven angles.

beckmans the future of swedish fashion

Fashion Collaboration designed by Robert Jonsson, Antonia Larsson Pihl, Julia Correira De Verdier, Anastasia Jansätter, Joonas Karhumaa, Matilda Ivarsson, Marie Isacsson, Felicia Halén Fredell, Dat Danh, Amanda Borgfors Mészàros, and Sissel Kärneskog.