Busnel AW18: What Happened?

It may not be too difficult to see why Busnel isn’t my favorite brand. But just to explain it to those who don’t know me it’s primarily because it’s far from my personal style, but also because I have some difficulty with their golden signature buttons. The problem with something being ‘signature’ is that it won’t go away, no matter how much you want it to. My colleague Isabelle wrote a year ago that “this is something my mom would love – but I don’t.”

Busnel, what happened?

Forgive me for being harsh. I was so ready to be bored and focus more on getting a decent shot for our Instagram Stories but I hardly had time to do that. It’s still not my cup of tea but this was a real level up. I realized that it was probably because the styling was greatly done by none other than the amazing Robert Rydberg, and the sort of Old Hollywood meets the Hamptons meets Paris meets the modern day woman worked perfectly with the traditional Busnel pieces. For the first time, Busnel felt adult, not too Blair Waldorf and not too “I’m rich and I know nothing about fashion”.

The collection had a lot of black, off-white and some blues and burgundy. We saw some leather bags and exciting materials as water-resistant merino wool, silk, velvet and wool bouclé. The male models hopefully provided some great insight to those still who fear to wear “women’s” clothing. I’d love to have those pants.

Photos: FashionWeek.se