Inside The Home with Malin Holmudd – Part 3

Part 3 of our interior design interview series with Malin Holmudd features a family from Sweden looking to bring warmth and coziness into their home. There’s plenty of color, pattern, and personal touches to go around, with suitable space for all the family’s needs.

Styling with Malin Holmudd – House 3

Family members: Mia, Jon, and their two children

Location: South Sweden

House size: 140m²

Year built: 1920

interior design malin holmudd

Describe how the house looked the first time you saw it? Why did you choose it?

When we first saw the house, we went to look at it with friends who wanted to buy it. Mia was pregnant with Moa, quite emotional, and fell in love with the house, we had to buy it!

What changes have you made since you moved in? 

We’ve changed almost everything. We moved the kitchen to another room, built a new bathroom, put in new floors, wallpapers, and colors.

What is the best thing about the house?

It has a warm and welcoming feeling, and it’s ours. We love the old fireplace and the new kitchen!

What is important in a home for you?

That everyone feels welcome.

interior design malin holmudd

How would you describe your style?

Romantic and colorful. We try to only buy things that we really love, and we like to mix old with new.

Where do you buy your furniture?

A lot of our furniture is from Homeline, where Jon works. But we like to mix and match, our favorite shop is Posh Living in Stockholm.

What inspires you?

Different cultures and traveling.

What are you most proud of in your home?

That you can see that we live here. This is our home and we made it what it is today.

interior design malin holmudd

Any particular material that you prefer?


Family interests or hobbies that have affected the design/furniture in your home?

Music. Jon is a dedicated guitarist and we all love to play and sing together.

interior design malin holmudd

What is your next project in this house?

We are adding a new extension to the house with a new entrance and a spacious living room.

Do you have any interior design tips you want to share?

Only choose what you like, don’t just follow fashion trends…

interior design malin holmudd

Interior styling: Malin Holmudd & Linda Agnesund

Photography: Miguel Varanda

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