Inside The Home with Malin Holmudd – Part 2

We’re back for part 2 of our series with Swedish interior stylist Malin Holmudd, to bring you some design inspiration and musings from another Scandinavian home. This time we’re heading to Oslo to the lovely Hege, who’s home is a mixture of neutrality and personal colour and quirk. It’s all in the details in this house, with functionality, crafts and personal memories taking centre stage.

Styling with Malin Holmudd – House 2 – Hege

Location: Oslo, Norway

House size: 40m²

Year built: 1936

inside the home with malin holmudd part 2

How did the apartment look the first time you saw it? Why did you choose this to be your home?

It was a six-room apartment, with teak panelling on all walls, pink wall-to-wall carpet, and a 70’s kitchen. I was going to buy my first home and I was looking for a renovation object. The price range and the size suited me and I could see that the layout had potential. The apartment is on the top floor with lots of light and trees, which gives some privacy from the neighbours on the opposite side.

What changes have you made since you moved in?

All rooms were totally renovated and the floor plan was modified; all the walls were removed except the bathroom walls. Many layers of different terrible floor coverings was removed before the original pine floor could be found, the ceiling that had been lowered, so we raised it, and a new kitchen and new bathroom was fitted. I made sure to remove as many of the walls as possible to give light to the entire apartment. I only kept a small wall to create a zone / separation between the entrance area and the kitchen.

What is the best thing about the apartment?

I love the sunshine that glitters and make nice shadows in the morning. The apartment covers all of my needs; I can easily handle a dinner for 12 people, or hang out on the sofas with 10 friends. There’s plenty of space!

What is important in a home for you?

That I feel comfortable and that it makes me happy, that it’s a place where I can relax, and that I can be surrounded by things that matter to me. A lot of my possessions have a history behind them, and I can remember it all. The interior must have a sense of humour and show personality, but not be a status symbol. I like to dare to be playful and childish.

inside the home with malin holmudd part 2

How would you describe your style, and how did you create it?

A neutral and functional base from IKEA, with some inherited objects, flea market finds and things that i’ve had since I was a child. I like a simple Scandinavian design language with personal details – things put together in an unexpected context.

Where do you buy your furniture/furnishing? Do you have a favourite place?

IKEA for the neutral and simple pieces, the way they think about function is amazing and unlike most of their competitors. I like Swedish flea markets for the details with distinctive character, and I like small personal details from travelling, as a reminder of the good memories.

inside the home with malin holmudd part 2

What inspires you?

The Internet is a base for much inspiration. I appreciate the people around me and have many creative friends and colleagues. Cultural experiences and travel often bring things into a new context for me, and music also creates an inspiring atmosphere. I love books and magazines, a great source of inspiration that MUST be taken advantage of, and of course other people’s homes! I also like to take a little bit of inspiration from things in the everyday life, like the colours of the food, how nature changes etc.

What are you most proud of in your home?

That I have done most of it myself.

Do you have any favourite room or favourite place in your home?

I like to explore new areas of the apartment; a hot summer evening in the window shade reading a good book, or the next day on the floor with a magazine, or sitting on the kitchen counter, or under a wool blanket on the couch with blazing candles and the wind blowing outside. I am always excited to see things from a new angle, or with new eyes. But most of all, I enjoy waking up on a Saturday morning and watching the sunlight coming in through the windows, it sets a great mood for the weekend ahead.

inside the home with malin holmudd part 2

What is your favourite furniture?

The most beautiful is the office chair in teak from a flea market. The glass cabinet that contains all my personal treasures brings nice memories. What I love most is family heritage such as my father´s carpenter box on wheels, mum’s dolls pram from the 50’s and the black office lamp from the 30’s.

Any particular material or wood that you prefer?

Untreated wood and natural materials like wool and cotton. I also love porcelain as a material as it can be raw and tender, perfect, humorous, neutral and beautiful.

Do you have any tips for small space living?

Multifunctional furniture that can easily be moved. Create room for a lot of storage, for example, build up the bed and put cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling to make the most use of the space. All things should have their fixed space, then it’s easy to keep thing in order. Use furniture as a room divider and to create zones to keep an airy atmosphere instead of dividers that go all the way up to the ceiling. Bright elements and colours will make the room seem bigger, and use the same floor coverings throughout the whole apartment to give the impression of unhindered continuation.

inside the home with malin holmudd part 2

Interior styling: Malin Holmudd & Nilla Walther

Photography: Miguel Varanda

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