Beauty Editorial: Warm Ink

” Warm Ink is about the beauty behind powerful colors like red, orange and yellow”

Photographer: Laurence De Rien

Stylist: Raquel Trejo

Makeup and hair: Sasha Bagimova

Model: Coco (Francina Models)

Image 1

Lace body – Playtex
Leather gloves – Acosta
Index finger – gold and silver double ring and turtle ring by Aristocrazy
Middle finger – Eye ring by Anton Heunis
Ring finger – silver rings by Pretty Rumour
Pinky finger – diamond ring by Aristocrazy

Image 2

Furry coat – TCN
Crystal earrings – Anton Heunis

Image 3

Right hand (gold rings):
Index finger – crystal ring by Anton Heunis
Middle finger – seahorse ring by Aristocrazy
Ring finger – moon ring by Aristocrazy
Pinky finger – pearl and gold ring by Aristocrazy
Left hand (silver rings):
Index finger – lion head ring by Anton Heunis
Middle finger – crystal rings by Aristocrazy, spiral one by Pretty Rumour

Image 4

Pineapple brooch by Aristocrazy

Image 5

Knit jacket – TCN

Image 6

Lace body – Playtex

Image 7

Sweater – TBS
Earrings – Anton Heunis

Image 8

Earrings – Anton Heunis