Situation Sthlm x Beckmans College of Design

Situation Sthlm works to support homeless people on their way back to society. They have produced a jacket for their vendors in collaboration with the students at Beckmans College of Design. A jacket that is supposed to protect its wearer from strong winds and harsh realities.

For the homeless people of Stockholm, selling the street magazine Situation Sthlm is an important way back to society. But lately, the magazine has experienced a drop in sales. It has become more difficult for the vendors to be seen on the streets of Stockholm. Therefore a new jacket has been developed. One that distinguishes itself in the streets to help the vendors become more visible.

Situation Sthlm is a low-threshold business aimed at homeless, formerly homeless and socially vulnerable people to support their way back to society. The purpose of Situation Sthlm’s business is rehabilitation with work as a method. The magazine has been available for 22 years and is published once a month. Situation Sthlm is a non-profit association where all possible surpluses go back into the business. In addition to the revenue generated by magazine sales, the goal is to create a structure in their lives and to stimulate reduced addiction and abuse. But also to get help and support through the organization behind the magazine.

In August 2016, the fashion program’s final-year students at Beckmans got the task of designing a new jacket. The vendors were involved in the whole process. Functionality, warmth, visibility – all their wishes were noted. When the students had done their part, the vendors had twelve contributions to choose from. These were exhibited at the Fotografiska Museum of Photography in Stockholm, where the Situation Sthlm vendors could vote for the jacket they would like to see as the winner.

Beckman’s student Julia Andersen’s contribution won. Her jacket was further developed and implemented together with Fristads Workwear. The result is a black jacket that makes its wearer visible when needed – and almost invisible when not – with the help of a vest that is integrated into a special pocket. The vest can be obtained while selling the magazine and unfolded when the vendors want to be private.

The jacket is produced by Fristads Workwear and is water repellent, windproof and warm. The pockets have a fleece lining that warms your hands, reflective details and a lot of pockets – from spacious to anti-theft proof. Situation Sthlm’s over 300 active vendors each get one jacket.

Situation Sthlm x Beckmans College of DesignPictures found here.


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