Kajsa Grytt’s Mina Girls

Kajsa Grytt just released her feminist anthem Mina Girls (My Girls)

Until last week it was another song from Kajsa Grytt’s upcoming album that was supposed to be released yesterday. But after the essential #metoo and #närmusikentystnar campaigns flared up seriously, Kajsa hit the breaks. If she was releasing one song now it had to be Mina Girls. Like a soundtrack to women that are now talking with a strong and united voice about how the shame should be placed where it belongs.

Hypnotized kraut-epos Mina Girls is from the beginning written on a beach in Mexico, based on a missing and concrete picture of how Kajsa and her crew own the streets of Stockholm. Or “honk the street” like Kajsa herself would say.

A text that is private and thus it makes it universal.
A song that doesn’t refer to abuse, but loves and raises women.

The album “Kniven i hjärtat” (The knife in the heart) will be released the 13th of April 2018 by Kajsa’s own label.

Together with Martin Ehrencrona, Kajsa has created a big, lyrical and romantic album of its own character. An album with stories and scenes where dreams and expectations meet life’s reality. A solid work of art and a reflection of time immobility and a woman in constant development.

“The voice would come closer, the stories would be in focus, it would be elegant and clean. The music would reinforce the image and story. The song would be like a character in a movie scene and the music would be the environment and set design” Kajsa herself tells.

Listen to Mina Girls HERE

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