ARKK Copenhagen | New Pre Spring 2018 Collection

The Nordic sneaker brand ARKK Copenhagen is established by two Danish co-founders with a passion for streetwear style. Without finding a brand that expressed their own personal style, they set out to create their own.

In two short years, the minimalist silhouettes are in over 37 countries across the world. They are giving sneaker fans something new, and something a little more upscale from the everyday runner.

As always, the brand will pay homage to minimalistic Nordic design and architecture, and 100% of ARKK Copenhagen sneakers are designed with passion in Copenhagen. What makes them stand out from the sneaker crowd is the custom ARKK detailing and custom-made outsoles.

A large source of inspiration comes from visiting new places through traveling- extracting colourways, lines and shapes from all sorts of everyday situations outside. Because that’s what it’s all about – streetwear.

ARKK COPENHAGEN has now come out with its Pre-Spring 2018 line (that includes three women exclusive models, yay).

The collection still has that bold design that ARKK Copenhagen is renowned for. But as we are heading in o spring, ARKK Copenhagen brings in a lot of bright coloured silhouettes, some with reflective materials.

“Confluence” is the main inspiration for the Pre Spring 2018 collectio, and that you can especially see in the reflective materials found in this collection. They are inspired by the Confluence Museum, wherein compositions of metal and glass create reflections in light, big like!

They are now stepping outside ARKK Copenhagen’s known Nordic hues to unchartered territory of neon’s, reflective materials and a wider range of bright colourways for men. This season is also their largest and boldest collection yet with 33 unisex styles and three women’s exclusive colourways!

ARKK’s Pre-Spring 2018 collection is slated to arrive in three drops. The first and second drop is already out, but the third drop is coming on November 8.  If you’re looking to pick up a pair, the two first drops are now available at ARKK Copenhagen’s online store.

Below you can see a sneak peak video of the collection – it´s guaranteed to make you drool!