U R ALL ME – a freshly launched Fashion & Art Collective

worth keeping an eye on.

The root and idea were for (the still anonymous!) founders to create an art collective with a focus on gender and narcissism. To fight the sexual conservatism through a platform offering art and fashion with a neo-nordic twist.

With a base in Denmark urall.me produces, reproduces and up-cycles different projects within music and animation. And not the least, their own collection.

Fashion & Art Collective Fashion & Art Collective

“Our inspiration is oozing out of the Jutlandic forest floor. For months at a time, we sneak out from society and barricades ourselves in a small wooden cabin. With a ton of gear for sowing, designing, and production of music and video.”  

Fashion & Art Collective

“Our focus is mainly on our clothing, but we feel that there is still a lot to be done towards sexual conservatism. We wish to use as many channels for expression as possible.”

Fashion & Art Collective
The current collections will be available in their webshop in late February. Most of the clothing is produced in Scandinavia and is, therefore, a bit limited. But with an ambition to grow urall.me are currently working with their second collection where the main theme is masculine bisexuality and linear gender.
Fashion & Art Collective Fashion & Art Collective
All images: urall.me
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