Tretorn’s Nylite White Canvas 50th Birthday

Happy 50th to Tretorn’s classic Nylite shoe!

So what will they do to celebrate you ask? The company’s creative director André 3000, will work together with 50 creators from around the globe to create one of a kind shoe that will be displayed at Complex Con in Los Angeles.


Here’s a bit of backstory on the shoe.

The timeless classic was first launched as a tennis shoe and gained massive popularity after it was worn by Björn Borg during the 1976 Olympics. Now at 50 years old, it is going stronger than ever.

To mark the date, Tretorn chose 50 creators from all around the world, to leave their creative mark on a pair of Nylite White Canvas.

Tretorn has selected seven creatives for the Swedish initiative of the launch, one of them being none other than Swedish hip-hop artist Mwuana! Mwuana will be representing Sweden at ComplexCon in Los Angeles, and the other six creators had their designs on display at Aplace’s store in Stockholm on the 50th anniversary, October 5th.

“The Nylite shoe is a perfect white canvas for artists. Therefore, it’s incredibly exciting to see what unique shoes André 3000 together with the 50 artists will create. Given the fact that Tretorn has Swedish roots makes it extra fun that Mwuana is one of the chosen creators!” – says Fredrik Ekström, European Marketing Manager at Tretorn.


Swedish initiative creators include:

Mwuana – Mwuana is hip-hop artist who quickly gained success with his debut album ‘Thriller’.

Sammy & Johnny Bennett – Sammy & Johnny Bennett is a hip-hop duo which has, like Mwuana, quickly gained influence. Earlier this year, Sammy and Johnny released their debut album called ‘Streck’.

Amandah Andersson –  is a fashion designer, illustrator, and the founder of Ame Awe brand. She has designed for several artists such as Ane Brun, Linnéa Henriksson, and Frida Hyvönen.

Tomas Gradzki – the Beckmans-educated artist Tomas Gradzki is a part of the Cargo Collective and also one of the brains behind the famous idea ‘Message in a bottle’.

Third Culture Kids – the Third Culture Kids was born out of what was known as RMH, which today, consists of some of Sweden’s most impressive creators in music, art, and fashion.

Ollio – Ollio (Jonathan Josefsson) has exhibited his art in a very large scope of galleries, and has great knowledge within the field of graffiti and street art.

Lisa Borg – Lisa, a graduate of Beckmans, has an avant-garde expression and has had several performances and created collaboration projects with Svenskt Tenn, for example.

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Photo By: Madewell