The Park of No Bodies by Minna Palmqvist

Have you ever walked in a park where there’s people but no familiar body shapes? Where have the norms in society not yet conquered the minds and limited our imagination? I have not. But hopefully, I will have an idea of what that would be like after visiting Minna Palmqvist’s exhibition No Body Park.

Fashion is what could be seen as the artist and designer Minna Palmqvist’s cover. She is a fashion creator but one which uses these elements and tools to explore and question the way we see women. Furthermore, she challenges the way we read a woman through her body in the fashion industry. Palmqvist has through her career questioned how we traditionally see the world and challenge our beliefs. Both through art installations as well as a fashion brand and extensive collections (shop her collections here). To argue with norms and known facts we have today you need to be brave. You need to think outside the box, outside the body, which is exactly what she is doing with this exhibition.

It has already been done by non-other than the artist herself when she created the show Intimately Social-No Body in Stockholm 2015. It was an exhibition containing five bodies made for tailoring. The exhibition aimed to question the standards we set in the fashion industry. Before even creating the actual clothes. Three entirely different ones duly noted.

No Body by Minna Palmqvist

No Body by Minna Palmqvist



No Body by Minna Palmqvist

Pictures from Färgfabriken exhibition in 2015

When she now, the 19th of October, for the second time opens the doors to a bigger audience one cannot help but wonder, what will she do this time? The formal answer is creating sculptures made of balloons, dolls, videotapes, and fragments of clothing. Though that does not answer my question. The interesting part is not to think about the actual materials, rather think about what they are portraying.

Image: Thomas Hägg // Hilla Tuominen

The exhibition is opened from the 20th of October until the 11th of November, at Snickarbacken 4 in Stockholm.