The North Face ⎮ The Nupste Jacket 25 Years On

In 1992, the Nuptse Jacket was created, and The North Face have been proudly producing it ever since.

Named after the Tibetan word for ‘west peak’, the Nuptse jacket was the first jacket to use baffle construction (a way of weaving down to dramatically increase heat insulation), and has been a staple piece on and off the mountainside for the past 25 years.

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25 years of innovation with The North Face

For the jacket’s 25th anniversary, The North Face have released it in a series of original colours for both the jacket and gilet. The jacket contains it’s revolutionary baffle-filled down interior, plus anniversary labelling to commemorate the special occasion. Named after the location the design team were at when they came up with concept, Nupste basecamp on Mount Everest is a place of harsh conditions and where warmth is a must-have without compromising your ability to survive on the mountain.

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“On the mountain, there’s an old saying, a rule of thumb when choosing your gear: light is right. That means you only pack the essentials, and everything that goes up should have a purpose – everything that went into the Nuptse’s design was centered around these principles. After a few redesigns, having observed the construction was compromising the insulation, in 1992, the Nuptse was released with an updated look and an innovative horizontal baffle construction. The revolutionary design minimised the shifting of down, and a puffy icon was born.” – Darren Cookson, VP Product at The North Face

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An Icon

Whether on a mountain or walking down the street in New York, the Nupste jacket has become an iconic piece around the world due to its’ bold colours, thick insulation and lightweight feel that makes it perfect so many environemts. For the anniversary launch, The North Face spoke to mountain explorers David Gottler and Joey Ones as well as city-dwelling figues Ikonika and Teki Latex, to see what Nupste means to them, and how outdoor gear can translate across so many scenarios. Warmth is key, and no one should have to compromise on that, regardless of where they are.

Take a look at a snippet below and the full video story at HERE.

The North Face - The Nupste Jacket 25th Anniversary

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