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Brought to you by Beatrice De Franceschi, Nordic Style Magazine presents interior design tips for your home.


We all agree that personality is what makes a space great.
If you think that choosing a color palette might be tricky, then start by picking a color for the biggest, most centrally located room. When choosing a color palette, assign 60% of the room a dominant color (walls), 30% a secondary color (upholstery), and 10% an accent color (floral arrangement or pillows). Use the color wheel to help you create your own color scheme that best fits your personality: monochromatic, contrast, analogous or complementary. Get inspired by nature, paints, travels, seasons and anything that come from outside your home as well.

interior design tips


We know how much light energize our space and ourselves.
Lighting is an important aspect of all decor and function within the home.
It guides us throughout the day, from the morning when the soft and warm light comes from your room window until the night when the shadows became cold and dark. As light has such a wide range of impact on our health we need to make sure to know a few important tips: remove heavy or dark curtains, decorate using a mirror effect, and add a skylight if your ceilings or walls are painted dark. Ah, and of course light as many candles as you want. Candles offer a glow that’s cozy, atmospheric and generous and are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to light your home.

interior design tips


This is the perfect solution if you have a low budget. You don’t need to fill up space with lots of furniture. Buy few nice quality pieces rather than overcrowding your room with useless and pointless stuff.

interior design tips


“The first rule of decoration is that you can break almost all the other rules.” – Billy Baldwin

Even if you think your house might look weird, remember that in 2017, decorating a room with different style, colors, and furniture is fresh and fashionable. So forget the matchy-matchy look and think out of the box. Mix dark with light colors, antique with modern, carpets with different kind of textures or metal with mix wood. Give space to your creativity, take out your grandma furniture and buy one of those minimal Philip Stark’s lemon squeezer because nowadays more than ever you’ll be allowed to make your space look as cool as you want.

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Make your house nice to everyone’s eyes by adding some stylish and personal decorations. Start with buying some fresh flowers and plants from the market next to you: we’ll never get tired of seeing them. Choose accessories that are the correct proportion and put them in different layers on your shelves. Pick a nice rug, it’s essential for every room. Buy a piece of art you love because it definitely makes difference in your living room. Accessorize your table.

interior design tips

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